Peter Green's Story

I want to welcome everyone to the Your Story page of the Workout Through Cancer Community.

Over the past year as I have been building out Workout Through Cancer I have heard so many stories from the cancer community. Stories that have humbled me, have driven me to work harder and have confirmed that we are stronger together regardless of where you are in your cancer journey. Part of my story is that I am a 13-year brain cancer survivor. When I heard the words, we found something, my world collapsed. I felt like I was being torn out of a familiar world I had lived in for 45 years and that for the most part felt safe. Now in a split second I was entering a new world where I didn’t know what would happen to me or how it would affect those I loved, especially my ten-year-old son. The fear I felt, the sense I was losing control and desperately trying to navigate next steps was new and overwhelming. 

13 years later and living as a cancer survivor I recognize that once I finished my cancer treatment my cancer journey continues and will always be a part of me. The chemotherapy and radiation I went through is now part of my DNA. The fear though less at times still rises and grabs me. A sharp pain in my head, not being able to pronounce a word feels like a nudge I felt 13 years ago, the early signs leading to my diagnosis. For me being a cancer survivor became tougher than going through the treatment. Suddenly having daily access to doctors and support staff are gone. Good luck you hear them say as you step out the door and back into the world you left. Family, friends, work colleagues all say welcome back, expecting you to pick up where you left off. You are expected to quickly begin to adjust back to responsibilities of family, work and all that was your life before. This I know is what we all go through and each becomes a very personal journey but also one that I know we are all familiar with. I feel this part of Workout Through Cancer is so important. We are all in it together and I know by sharing your story you will connect and help others at the multiple levels we all go through and will continue to experience. Share your story as it will only help.

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