What one piece of advice would you give someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer?


  • Steohen

    Life with show you a path and then put obstacles in your way
    Some of them will be large
    Most of them will come at you fast

    What you need to decide is what to do about them

    The simple truth is, there’s hard work ahead
    Things that must be done
    Bills that must paid
    Dues that must be paid

    And along the way you will learn amazing things
    You will discover wonders
    You will grow

    Because the further down the road you go
    The better life becomes
    You are acheiving
    You are succeeding

    You can enjoy it all.

  • peter

    First I would say take time to absorb what you have just heard. Don’t hold back your feelings. When I was diagnosed I yelled I let out my anger.Second plan how you want to message this to your family, especially if you have children. Third now decide how you are going to manage all the things in your life your were responsible for before cancer. I say this because now as best you can you need to focus all your energy to fight.

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