What was the most difficult part of your treatment?


  • Duke

    The most difficult part of my stage 4 throat cancer treatment was when I had reached the point in my radiation treatments when it was no longer possible for me to swallow food. I could not have any milk products such as milkshakes because the radiation caused me to develop thrush.I was forced to revert to hydration treatments everyday for a month. I ended up loosing 70 pounds.

  • Peter

    For me the most difficult part of my treatment was the constant transitioning from being home for 10 days and then back to the hospital for 4 days receiving my treatment. Just when I was getting comfortable at home I was packing to go back to the hospital. This was my routine for 6 months. But I did make good friends with other patients and staff members . In a funny way when I completed my last treatment i felt a little sad leaving all the people that had such a positive impact on my life.

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