We Are Spartans

I have spoken and posted a lot about fear and what a person experiences throughout the cancer process. Whether going through testing, waiting for the results and the worst hearing the words “We found something.”

Fear is a natural part for anyone going through cancer, I know I felt it after my biopsy and the doctor informed me I had brain cancer. I had a panic attack where I began to hyperventilate.

I have always respected the Spartans of Greece they were considered the best recognized fighters in history. The Spartans developed a culture where they trained fear out of their warriors going into battle, this gave them a huge advantage over their enemy.

The Spartans had a unique custom post battle. The general would gather his or her troops and in front of them begin to shake, cry, scream. The commander was showing that post battle it is now okay to release your fear. The Spartan understood that fear was an equal part of courage and releasing all those emotions allowed them to then re-set and find their courage for the next battle.

We too are like the Spartan warriors. It’s okay to feel your fear. Cry, scream, have a panic attack but then you need to find your inner Spartan and begin to fight.

Ultimately when going through cancer you need to own it and engage it - Your Body. Your Mind. Your Fight

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