Touched by Cancer 4X in 2017

Cancer touched my family for the 4th time in 1 year. After my cousin passed away one year ago, my mother passing in early fall from cancer, my father being diagnosed with cancer at 94 and now my brother just completing surgery for his cancer which he was diagnosed with a month ago.

It is all happening so fast that it is becoming the new normal. I know my story is no different than so many people. Perhaps the only good news is that people are living longer due to the breakthroughs in cancer research. Equally important are the number of new options people have in treating different types of cancer, many that don’t include chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

What is becoming crystal clear is how people live their lives based on what they eat and the exercises they do is determining people’s chances of getting cancer and if they do get cancer improving the percentages getting through whatever treatment you choose.

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