The Whole 10%

90% of life is showing up. But how you execute the remaining 10% will dictate the outcome of the many paths your life will travel.

Once you have shown up it opens the door to so many experiences. That last 10% is what you do next to begin to navigate your life. Think of the areas in your life you where that 90% applies. School, work, family to name just a few. In most cases the remaining 10% and your actions will dictate where you go to college, what type of profession you will follow, and how successful you will be. In most of these instances there hard metrics you can use to measure your performance.

But then there is the 90%/10% where metrics don’t apply. Where the 10% falls outside of a defined structure. Where that 10% has an unseen energy that creates results you can’t control and you never saw coming.

90% - showing up to a party – the 10% action of speaking to that girl. She becomes your wife and you go on to have children and grandchildren. Or not speaking to her and she slipped away, never to be seen again, and that extended family never to be.

90% - showing up to a doctor’s appointment with my pregnant wife to be told our blood work showed that we had a rare blood disorder that could be passed to the infant resulting in certain death. The 10% - testing the fetus and having one beautiful son and one pregnancy we had to terminate.

90% - showing up to work on 9/11 in my NYC office. The 10% action was deciding the night before not to attend a marketing event that was annually held on the top floor of the World Trade Towers.

90% - showing up for an MRI that showed I had brain cancer, The 10% was deciding to fight both physically and mentally to survive my cancer journey. This 10% has allowed me to remarry, be with my beautiful son, be with 4 siblings and my father as he approaches the age of 94 and ultimately to find my passion to help others and their families who are going through their cancer journey.

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