How our lives might or might not change post cancer treatment

As I wrote in my book “My Cancer Journey“ when I completed my cancer treatment I stepped back into the world I had left for 8 months. Work, family and my daily routines continued. I felt this was right. I wanted to show that cancer was a blip on my life journey, it wouldn’t disrupt the path I was determined to follow. It wasn’t till almost 11 years later that I was jolted to choose a different path.

I can’t point to one thing that did this. Maybe it was being asked to leave a job, watching my parents getting older and more feeble. Knowing the dreams they had that would never be realized or it might have been the forces that can’t be explained in one's life that took a stronger grip on directing my new path.

People always ask didn’t cancer change you? Do you feel different? Do you want to do something else?  These are questions where there is no right or wrong answer. Every individual must follow their own path as individuals  living beyond cancer.  So much comes into play as to how you re enter the world you had left. But doesn’t it feel great that at least you have a choice!

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