Don't Forget to Laugh

Humor I once heard was the elixir to a healthy life. Scientist feel that healthy endorphins are released when people laugh. This can be a great benefit for people going through cancer but finding humor while going through cancer is not the easiest thing to do. But sometimes it comes from places you least expect.

For me it happened on my first night of treatment. After having the green effervescent chemo drip through my veins for two hours, I found myself a few hours later over the toilet my body convulsing with dry heaves trying to rid itself of the chemo poison. But something else was happening in my hospital room, the other patient’s wife had loud burst of snores erupting from her as she slept. I had tears of laughter running down my face as my dry heaves and her snoring sounded like a John Phillip Sousa band playing in unisons together. I remember myself waking in the morning my sheets soaked through with sweat but thinking of her snoring and my dry heaves resulted in a small smile to cross my face.

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