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“People with cancer express a desire to become and stay sufficiently active but need advice and support to do so.
I have made it my mission to do that and be there every step of the way. ”  
Your Body, Your Mind, Your fight. - Peter Green

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Fitness Pack

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“If Exercise Was A Pill Every Oncologist Would Prescribe It & Every Cancer Patient Would Take It.” 
-Clinical Oncology Society of Australia  

“Physical Activity Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness During and After Cancer Treatment, and Vigor Post Treatment.”
-University of Minnesota, Cardiology Division

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“I was so scared when I was diagnosed with cancer but I knew I had to do something that gave me control and that was moving my body.” 

- Thyroid Cancer Patient

“This is a simple and easy way to improve your health”
- 1 Year in Remission

“I was tired and anxious all the time during my cancer treatment. Then I started to slowly use the squeeze ball in the Fitness Pack. It got my blood flowing and helped relieve many of my symptoms.”
- Breast Cancer Survivor